A Silvery Moon

A Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy Novel

The man he sought for help lies in grisly pieces. And unless he can oust a deadly adversary, his own head will be next…

Lucius Langeshen’s mild manner belies his priestly determination. On the road for a years-long mission, the young monster-slayer seeks guidance from a monk in a remote town. But his calling turns to nightmare when he arrives to learn the wise man had been gruesomely murdered in the dead of night.

Teaming up with a crossbow-wielding artisan, Lucius embarks on a quest for answers while the community’s rulers dismiss both their concerns. And when they’re rescued from viciously attacking vampires by a goddess-blessed ally, they all fear a far darker force could be turning the hunters into prey…

Can the bold trio survive a malevolent enemy intent on drinking their blood?

A Silvery Moon is the fast-paced first book in the Legends of Elessia fantasy series. If you like grimdark action, classic swords-and-sorcery settings, and immersive realms, then you’ll love Luís Falcão de Magalhães’ ode to adventure.

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