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They expected to face an army. They clashed with a goddess instead.

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The Age of Rekindling Series


Blades of The Ice

In a land ruled by patriarchy, an assassin sisterhood delivers justice from the shadows.

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Book I

The Daughter of The Ice

After a thousand-year slumber, she is ready to blanket Elessia in icy death.

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Book II

The Champion of The Ice

The Daughter of The Ice is no more. But not even death will stop Her Champion’s march.

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Shadows Over Garm Trilogy

Book I

A Silvery Moon

The man he sought for help lies in grisly pieces. And unless he can oust a deadly adversary, his own head will be next… Read more…

Book II

Mask of the Eternal Moon

They crossed Elessia’s most ruthless vampire sorceress. Will an ancient artifact be their salvation or doom the world to eternal darkness? Read more…

Book III

A Sundered Moon

As the Blood God rises, two sworn enemies hold the fate of the world in their hands.

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