Buy "A Silvery Moon" - the first English novel from best-selling Portuguese fantasy author Luís Magalhães

Oskar Hoffritz was rushing to the mountain town of Glonsclim in despair. Someone was murdered in his profitable copper mine, and now the miners claim the place is haunted. When he meets the monster-slaying priest Lucius Langeshen, he hopes his luck is finally turning.

But as the pair is besieged by the forces of a mysterious, ancient evil, they find no help among the denizens of the town – except for the young huntress Donata Lanfranz.

Will she be enough to turn the scales in their favor? 

Inspired by the Forgotten Realms novels of old, “A Silvery Moon” is a Dungeons & Dragons-style thriller set in a timeless fantasy universe.

Follow the trio of adventurers as they figure out the cause behind the murders in Glonsclim and confront impossible odds in a tale that blurs the line between horror and fantasy.

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