Will the blessing of the Silvery Moon be enough to save Lucius’ life… And soul?

Lucius is a monster-slaying priest on a holy quest. He travels to the mining town of Glonsclim, seeking guidance from the head monk. Turns out, the monk is dead — torn apart in the night.

Oskar fancied himself a quiet artisan, his marksman days behind him. When his copper supply runs dry, he rushes to the mining town looking for answers. Instead, he finds a murderous presence haunting his mine. But after a chance meeting with Lucius, he feels his luck might be turning.

That is, until creatures of the night start hunting the pair.

With every door closed to them, they find a single ally among the populace: a young huntress blessed by the Moon Goddess.

Will she be enough to tip the scales against the ancient evil that lusts for their blood, and threatens to consume the entire town?

Written by Luís Falcão de Magalhães as a new entry point into his “Legends of Elessia” Sword & Sorcery series, and the first book in the series to be translated into English, “A Silvery Moon” is classic Heroic Fantasy with a bit of Grimdark spliced in. 

Buy it to follow the trio of adventurers as they confront impossible odds and fight for the souls of everyone in town — including their own!