Mask of the Eternal Moon

A Sword & Sorcery Epic Fantasy Novel

Lucius and Oskar crossed Elessia’s most ruthless vampire sorceress. Will an ancient artifact be their salvation or doom the world to eternal darkness?

Monster-hunting priest Lucius lost track of his hated foe, the dread vampire Memphala. Now he roams the foreign land of Garm looking for any clue about her whereabouts. But a skirmish at an ancient temple places him and his companions in the crosshairs of a vengeful mercenary company.

The only thing that can save their lives is the ancient artifact they uncovered — the mask Memphala seeks to claim god-like powers.

Will Lucius and his companions survive the wrath of the mercenaries who want them dead, and prevent Memphala from plunging the whole of Elessia into eternal night?

The epic follow-up to “A Silvery Moon” in the “Legends of Elessia” Sword & Sorcery series. Follow Lucius and company into the depths of ancient ruins and learn the truth about the origins of the creatures of the night. Visit the mountain-town that serves as the capital of Garm and a monument to the origins of the Girmun people. Dark powers stir and their clash will reshape Elessia forever!

Buy “Mask of the Eternal Moon” and treat yourself to a new sword & sorcery fantasy adventure in the Legends of Elessia series — an epic fantasy clash of good vs evil with a good side-dose of treachery and deceit.