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Workplace Serendipity

Centralization and transparency enable a kind of serendipity that can lead to breakthrough results. 

For example, your lead programmer may come up with an innovative solution to the problem that’s been blocking the marketing people. But he can only do this if the marketing team has their discussions out in the open, not siloed inside their little marketing kingdom.

And transparency is hard. But there’s something even harder: making people care.

Even if the discussion is public, the developer has to care enough to look.

It’s not enough to make your company’s processes transparent; you need employees who care.

That’s what culture is for.

Painting: “Mercury and Argus” by Peter Paul Rubens


It’s easy to be cynical about Christmas. It is easy to say that the spirit of family, of generosity and fraternity should accompany us all year round. And to argue that there is no reason for these values to come up on this specific date.

But to think this way is to assume the human being as a purely logical entity. We do not work that way. Nor is it just a matter of us being managed by emotion; we are beings of volatile emotion. As much as we recognize these values as desirable, we can not take them up on a permanent basis.

It is our nature; we are creatures of seasons.

Showing Work

Being humble is not the same as living in the shadows.

It’s tragic when someone hides their good work. The eyes of the world are not upon us. Everyone is looking at their belly button. If we do not shout after their attention, they won’t look at what we have done. The boss does not have the time to see what is working, that which goes well – it’s the things that go wrong that sink the business.

You don’t have to be arrogant. No need to be conceited. It’s not necessary to seek protagonism.

You have to show work. The value – or lack thereof – that others attribute to it is up to them. But you have to show it.