The digital edition of “A Silvery Moon” is free until May

For me, being locked up at home is no sacrifice – it’s my way of life.

But I am aware that not everyone shares in that taste, and for many, quarantine is tantamount to psychological torture.

I want to contribute to alleviating that burden, by giving you one more reason to stay home. And there is no better reason to stay home than having a good book to read.

So, until the end of next month, I am offering free digital copies of my latest book, “A Silvery Moon.”

Follow this link to get the book, in E-Pub format (readable on Android and Apple tablets and mobile phones).

Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me make the Kindle version free at their store unless I stop offering it for other platforms. So if you prefer the Kindle format, the best I can offer you is a 50% discount.

Please share.

Good readings. Stay indoors. Stay safe.