An Important Movement

The reason I left my medical career was to be able to help as many companies as possible to adopt remote work.

If someone can do all their work from a computer, it is criminal to make that person work in an office.

It harms the environment, it harms their physical and mental health, it harms their family and, finally, its more expensive for companies.

We need to kill this meme that people need to be under supervision (usually inefficient) in a physical place in order to be productive.

People call it “the rat race,” and as far as metaphors go, it so mirrors reality that we might as well grow some tails. Was this the life we ​​dreamed of, the life we studied so much for? A life in which we spend half our time running around, and the other half trying desperately to recover our energy, so we can start over the next day?!

At the time of writing, a pandemic is spreading across our continent, but even before that, working in an office (open or closed, with or without leisure spaces, kitchens, ping pong tables, etc.) for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week also killed us. The only difference is that it did so over several years, not days.

Bosses and business owners: stop being a facilitator for this dysfunctional way of working. Get your people to work from home whenever possible.

Painting: Italian Harbour Scene, by Thomas Wijck