No matter what you think or how you feel about laws, there’s usually a reason why they are there. Maybe they have outgrown their original purpose, or became cumbersome – no matter, they are still part of the social contract.

The right way to behave is to protest against laws you feel are unjust, while abiding by them all the same.

If you live in a place where laws can’t be discussed, even by those who abide by them, then you live in a tyranny. But, if you use that as an excuse to break the law, you’re in the wrong – if you care more about making your point than respecting the social contract, you’re a radical.

And a radical is just a tyrant without a crown.

The Wild Internet

The internet used to be like the Wild West – a world full of possibilities, but above all, a place of freedom.

The price to pay for this freedom was that sometimes, bad things happened. It was a world where it was easier to live as an outlaw; it was easier to prey upon the weak, the vulnerable. And so, the west was tamed.

But the similarity ends there. Internet “authorities” – in many cases private companies – are not focused on making the internet a safer place. Practicing crime on the internet remains almost as easy as it was ten years ago.

What is much more difficult is to exchange ideas. Or craft comedy. Or even to be offensive and rude (but not violent) just for the heck of it.

We know that the king is evil when the first person to be executed is the court jester.