Beware of knowledge Which you did not earn

He had earned it, sword stroke by sword stroke, spell by spell, conquest by conquest. It was not something he’d inherited and not something he saw as his birthright.

It was something he understood, and this separated him from the young mogu princes who beheld their domain. Because he understood this concept, he could use it. He could feel it ebb and flow. But they remained above it, seeing what they wanted to see, hearing what they wanted to hear.

— Shadows of the Horde, by Michael Stackpole

This is the difference between owning something and earning it. What is received is rarely valued, not of disrespect, but out of ignorance.

Those who earn things know their intricacies.

Things Stir

Your father taught you little, child. You have lived on this island, blissfully ignorant of the world beyond the sea and the happenings wherein. But there are things waking up under the rising sun… Things that started to wake up before you were even born. Every day, more and more, they stir, slow and quiet, just as you sometimes delay getting out of bed, fighting sleep’s haze with morning’s unhurried laziness.

These beings – monsters, spirits, creatures, gods, whatever you wish to call them – have slept for generations. Their awakening was slow. It was slow, but it is coming to a head. And we poor, small, fragile humans… We’re going to have to learn to live in this new world. 

— The words of Treia the hermit, at the dawning of the last year of Black Ice, as recorded in diaryof Helena, the first Arch-sorceress.