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Language Is a Phantom Limb

I struggled to decide whether I should write in English or Portuguese.  English is the obvious lingua franca of the internet, and that’s where most of my works are published. There’s more competition for attention, but also a broader audience.  I eventually decided to write in both languages, and, whenever possible, to write the same […]


A Podcast About The Other Side of Remote Work

If someone woke me up in the middle of the night, shaking me while asking “What’s your job?!”, I’de say “I’m a writer!” The irony that my most famous work is not in the written form, but in the spoken medium, is not lost on me. I’ve had the immense privilege of having had hundreds of […]


The Beautiful and the Beastly

I’m tired of the need to justify stuff. It’s not real art if you have to make it about something. If you have to make it about human rights, or cat rights, or deliver a point, or make it political.  “Everything is political!” They shout. Bullshit. Art can be political, sure. If you say otherwise, […]