A Month of Blogging

A month and some change ago I took on the challenge of writing a blog post every day. Actually, blog posts are for losers. I write essays! So posh. Anyway!  Some takeaways: It’s hard to find something to write about every day. Maybe for some people, it’s easy. Not for me. My life is not […]


One Of My Projects is Sixteen Today

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the Portuguese video games website ene3.net . While I wasn’t a founder, I have been there since nearly the beginning, and at some point, the torch was passed on to me.  I tried to pass it along a couple of times, but like a particularly lovable but slow mutt, […]

Philosophy Random

Taking The Day Off

Nothing wrong with taking a day off. Even God needed one. Except… If it’s not a strict commitment (like your job) where other people keep you accountable, then breaking the chain is problematic. Because it’s much easier to let it slide. It’s much easier to break a chain than to fix one. A cheat day […]