On Medicine and Being Late

Sometimes I feel like I have the best patients in the world. Especially when I’m late. “Don’t worry, doctor.” “That’s the way things go, doc.” That’s what I’m told. But I can’t stop feeling bad about any delay. The truth is that delays are inevitable in healthcare, but that doesn’t mean lateness should be normalised. […]


Dentist-Monkeys From the Future

One of my most frequently asked questions: “Why do you only perform dentistry for practice? Why is it a secondary pursuit?” There are many reasons, and this is one of them.


How To Find A Good Physician

Here’s something that no-one wants to talk about: physicians are regular people. We like to put doctors on a pedestal because they are in charge of our health, and we’re like to feel that our health is in the hands of the best, but the best are very few, and it’s improbable that you’ll be […]