Part of what’s fun about of writing these daily essays is finding the right picture to publish alongside. In a world of Facebook and Twitter and Instagram posts, of 24-hour news channels, it’s easy to forget that with a simple online search, we can look at hundreds of classic paintings. Thirty years ago, these works […]


Virtual Reality

I don’t get teary-eyed easily. It’ll happen at the epilogue of a particularly rousing movie, or upon reading an especially touching bit of prose, but it’s rare. Virtual reality, though, has reliably produced the “feels” over the last couple of years. I’m a terrible VR subject. Astigmatism in my right eye doesn’t play well with […]


Is it beautiful?

It’s funny. I thought that when I got my own house, the coolest thing would be to fill it up with all my treasures. Book. Magazines. Comics. Video games. CDs and DVDs, LPs and assorted knick-knacks. A treasure hoard worthy of a dragon. As it turns out, now that have a house, I feel like […]