The Invisible Beast

Whether you like the recent political outcome in the United States or not, the consequences of the battle have left scars on all of us.

The political moment of today in the United States is so bizarre, it gives us Europeans cause for mirth. It does so because our worlds are an ocean apart. But that’s a mistake. They are much closer than most realize.

We should treat it with concern, not mirth.

If I have noticed anything during my life, it is that the USA is “patient zero” for socio-economic fashions and ailments alike. Everything that affected them in the past reached the old continent in less than half a dozen years. In this era of super-fast dissemination of information, this timescale will certainly be shortened.

What we saw was a country deeply divided along an ideological line, almost flawlessly to its center. The tiebreaker was forced by the hand of the beast, of the semi-conscious structure formed by the political, media, and corporate triad. This is a semi-invisible creature, one who likes to work behind the scenes, with Machiavellian refinement, but this time it was forced to reveal more of itself than ever before.

It doesn’t matter whether we like the result or not. The difference between a renowned illusionist and a charlatan is whether we can see the invisible strands.

And millions saw the strands.