The Value of Wealth

Science says that money markedly improves one’s mental health. Here’s my take on that.

Whenever someone tells me that money doesn’t bring happiness, I smile and am glad that that person never had a close relative whose life depended on speedy medical intervention to the tune of several thousand dollars.

Of course, there is no lack of unhappy rich people. I’m not claiming money is a panacea. Only that it opens doors. 

The person with money has more options, can take more risks, acquire better quality knowledge more quickly, and focus more of his or her time on the areas of his greatest interest.

Science proves it. A research paper with a very robust control group found out that what I’ve been preaching for years is true: a single injection of capital into a poor family’s finances earns you (much) better results than five weeks of psychotherapy.

Fortunately, we continue to have scientists working hard to prove that which is obvious to all non-scientists. 🙂