Purpose & Journaling

Here’s a very good reason why you should journal for a few years.

Who are you? What are you all about?

Gurus and philosophers alike have harped for thousands of years about the importance of answering the questions. Before the concept of “life purpose” was beaten to an inch of its life by the personal development crowd, it was a staple of philosophical thought. Yet most frameworks to find it are, at best, limited, and at worst, childish and useless.

Journaling provides a better answer, over time. 

As you go through your journal entries over the years, what patterns do you see emerging? What are the things that you go back to, time and again? Those entries say more about who you are and what really matters to you than whatever you can come up with right here right now because they are a consensus, a democratic opinion cast by the sum of your past selves.

Don’t have years of journal entries to draw upon?

You can start today.

I never promised easy answers.

Photo by Emma Dau on Unsplash