The digital edition of “A Silvery Moon” is free until May

To help entertain everyone who is at home due to the Coronavirus, I’m giving away the ebook version of my latest book – “A Silvery Moon” – for free.

For me, being locked up at home is no sacrifice – it’s my way of life.

But I am aware that not everyone shares in that taste, and for many, quarantine is tantamount to psychological torture.

I want to contribute to alleviating that burden, by giving you one more reason to stay home. And there is no better reason to stay home than having a good book to read.

So, until the end of next month, I am offering free digital copies of my latest book, “A Silvery Moon.”

Follow this link to get the book, in E-Pub format (readable on Android and Apple tablets and mobile phones).

Unfortunately, Amazon won’t let me make the Kindle version free at their store unless I stop offering it for other platforms. So if you prefer the Kindle format, the best I can offer you is a 50% discount.

Please share.

Good readings. Stay indoors. Stay safe.