The Invisible Foe

How does one fight an invisible foe?
With discipline.

The only way to fight an invisible and silent foe is to assume that it is everywhere.

In a world where such an enemy exists, the wise are paranoid, and the rational and moderate don’t last long.

The invisible foe has no face; therefore, it is difficult to hate it with passion.

It is difficult to find the motivation to fight daily against something with no arms and legs, with no claws and fangs.

We are used to waging our wars with guns and fists, with shouting and words. But none of this holds true in the face of the enemy with no arms and legs, with no claws and fangs.

Such a foe can only be fought through deprivation.

Fight it by salting the fields so it doesn’t have anything to eat.

Fight it by burning the forests, so that it cannot breathe.

We are the food this foe consumes, and the air it breathes.

How to fight it? Through discipline.

The victories are daily, but they don’t bring satisfaction. Prevention, going a day without losing the battle, that does not earn us a sense of achievement.

Winning, we understand. Now, a game in which the goal is not to lose… This is less familiar.

Discipline is what keeps us aware that this is a game in which the only way to win…

Is to hold on until the end of the game, without losing.

Painting: “The Blessed Bernardo Tolomeo’s Intercession for the End of the Plague in Siena” by Giuseppe Maria Crespi