2020, A Year of Old Things

A quick note on how I plan on changing my consumer habits in 2020.

I have already noted several times – usually when I write about video games – that our culture has a fetish for the new.

More than ever, I see it for the cultural and capitalist conditioning that it is – we are encouraged to speak about and to be excited by new things, because new things are, as a rule, more expensive.

And make no mistake, I am pro-capitalism. I just don’t like to feel manipulated.

This year, I decided to do an experiment: no new video games, no new books.

If I buy books or video games in 2020, it will be those that were published in previous years. (Or, in the case of video games, remakes of classics that I already know are important to me.)

My theory has always been that the best art is timeless. That the game or book that is five years old, if it was good then, it will be good today too. And after all, to me, it will be like new.

Fan of videogames and books that I am, will I be able to maintain this strategy? I don’t know. Let’s find out!

Painting: “Banquet of Syphax” by Alessandro Allori