Does Anyone Remember Forums?

A brief note about the impact that online forums have had on my life.

I hold great affection for the old internet “forum.”

It was on Sapo’s (one of the first Portuguese ISPs) forums (specifically, on the “GameOver” gaming subforum) that I interacted with other people online for the first time.

It was in this forum that I first wrote about video games – the activity that came to define my personal and professional life.

A shared space, a community, can change a life. It changed mine.

But today, I don’t know about equivalent spaces. The modern alternatives – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter – all seem to move very fast, to be overcrowded.

The old forums felt like virtual living rooms, where you would drink a cup of coffee and talk to a group of people with common interests. Social networks…. Despite being that much more linked to our personal identity, they manage to feel much less intimate.

Are there any “forum-like” experiences out there still?

Painting: “View of the Forum Looking Towards The Capitol” by Giovanni Paolo Pannini