Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

In the lastest episode of one of my favorite podcasts, “The Tim Ferriss Show,” the guest tells us – among many other things – of his childhood as an illusionist. This passage that caught my attention:

(I am quoting from memory; these are not his exact words.)

“I don’t want to explain on the air how these tricks are done. It’s considered bad form in the magician community. These are secrets of the trade. Of course, they are secrets, but they are public – it’s all in books! The thing is, no one reads books. ”

This is true. There are many things that seem (and are!) tricky to do and that’s why most people hesitate to take something up, but in reality, almost everything can be learned from two or three good books.

From making friends to building a house; from investing in the stock market to painting a picture; from repairing a car to digging a pond in the backyard. And yes, learning to do magic tricks of the kind that people pay to go see on a weekend night out.

Of course, success comes through practice, training, trial and error… The ability to endure failure and try again. But the roadmap, the plan to get one there, that is in the books.

Just read them.

Photo Credit: Daniel Mennerich Flickr via Compfight cc