The First Law of Marketing

Today, as I was walking along the bay that bathes the town where I live, I found myself pondering the land’s viability if faced with rising seas as a consequence of global warming. (As one does.)

Since the bay is surrounded by relatively high mountains, it seems to me that a dam on the strait that connects the sea would solve the issue with some efficiency. Of course, the mountains do not extend forever. The sea would eventually be able to bypass them. But probably not to the point where it would surround them.

The consequence – in my imagination – would be that the village would be surrounded by swamps.

And that’s when I noticed the way I visualize swamps. Swamps, to me, are the pixelated gray bogs of the old game Ishar II, one of the first RPGs I ever played.

Yes, I’ve seen live marshes. I’ve played dozens of videogames with more realistic, better-crafted swamps, and I’ve read many descriptions of swamps in books and seen even more in movies.

But it’s  Ishar II’s swamps that are forever associated with the word in my mind.

In a product, quality is important. Innovation is important.

But be the first to market? That is priceless.