I’m Moderating A Panel About Remote Work

I am a strong advocate of the value of work. Work is one of the fundamental pillars of our life. When I coach, work is one of the three most important areas to leverage to make the biggest impact on my clients’ personal trajectory.

But if work is vital, the way most of us go about it is terrible. There is a whole set of norms, protocols, systems, attitudes, and structures that are completely out of place in modern society, yet have fossilized completely before the turn of the century, and which continue to characterize our working life.

Work should be an important component of our lives. Instead, work consumes most of our lives.

I believed there was a better way. And that’s why I almost completely stopped acting as a dentist; to dedicate myself – with the support of DistantJob – to learning, shaping and disseminating best practices for Remote Work throughout the business world.

My ambition: To help more and more businesses create opportunities for people to work outside the office. At home, on the go, at your favorite coffee shop – wherever you feel most productive, where you can best integrate work with your life.

Part of what makes this a fantastic path to travel is that whoever does so is pioneering a new way of working. And my way of contributing to this is by collecting information, talking and learning from those who do it best, so that I can better organize and transmit this information to the world.

That is why I will be moderating the next GrowRemote/WorkRemote panel in Lisbon. In it, I’ll be talking to leaders from GitLab, Nestlé and comOn about how to measure the performance of people who work out of the office, and how to help them chart a career path.

It will happen this coming September 14th in Lisbon, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, in the beautiful and comfortable Selina Secret Garden CoWorking space – a mere 5 minutes walk from the metro station in Cais do Sodré. Sign up (for free) here.

Let’s continue building the future of work!