Browser Talk

Once, a friend made fun of me for talking – almost whenever we meet – about the browsers I use. “Browser talk,” he called it. It was said with humor and I took it as a friendly jab, but humor should always give you pause for thought.

I live on the Internet. The Internet is the place I go to for work and play. It is where I educate myself about what is going on in the world, and it is where I learn to do new things or to get better at the things I do.

So the vehicle I use to access the internet is one of the most important things in my life. Important, not fundamental. I wouldn’t die if I had to use a bad browser. But it would be much less productive.

It’s hard to find a parallel. I could say that the car is a good point of comparison, but the browser is a living, constantly changing and updating organism. What’s more, trying a new one and moving into it is easy. A car doesn’t change over the years (except for getting worse) and usually, after choosing one, we’re stuck with it for several years.

What do I want from a browser? Speed. That it makes it easier to read text on the internet and to write, as well. Smooth viewing of videos is also important. The ability to switch between computer and mobile phone (and multiple computers) without losing my flow. And of course, I’d rather not have those annoying ads that keep jumping up in my face.

I am currently using Brave, a browser that focuses on privacy and speed; it uses Google Chrome as it’s base, but without all the crap Google uses to collect our information. It’s extensible – you can add things, just like in Chrome – and the only thing I don’t really like is that it only syncs Favorites between devices.

I was using Opera before, but the functionality of having chat apps in individual windows does not work on MacBook Air. I may try it again at a later date.

What do you use to browse the internet?