“Whenever you hate something, it hates you back: people, situations and inanimate objects alike.”

David Cain

It’s not animism, nor paranoia. It’s neurology and psychology.

Everything that is our consciousness is perceived by our senses and decoded through our mind. And a lot of the processing done by this filter is automatic. I write “pink elephant”, and your mind helplessly manifests a colourful pachyderm.

For some people, this elephant will appear as a barely visible ghost, present for but a moment, exorcized after the comma; for other people, it will not have left yet. But for everyone without exception, it was an involuntary creation that was real enough inside the head, as a passing thought. And it was summoned by a mere couple of words.

If a couple of words lead you to involuntarily generate a large technicolor mammal, what kind of havoc can a strong emotion – such as hatred – wreak in your mind? How much of your consciousness goes through that filter, when you carry such an emotion in the center of your mind. How will it color your experience as a human being?

Karma is instant – it is literally built in – and hate consumes everything as fuel, until nothing is left.