From Topical to Timeless

I’m revisiting the idea of a hosting a podcast about videogames.

The truth is that my playing habits have changed a lot, and are much less eclectic than they once were. I’m at a place in my life where I may spend several months playing the same game, because I have other priorities, and also because the kind of game that I enjoy the most usually takes anywhere from 40 to 100 hours to finish.

So it would not be especially interesting to hear me talk about what I’m playing.

One thing I would like – because I think it is fun – would be to comment on the current videogame news. The world of video game journalism is a bit lacking in content, but there’s at least one news item every week that’s worthy of comment.

The problem with this is that this kind of content is one that by nature is not valuable over time. Yesterday’s news no longer mean anything to anyone, tomorrow.

But is it possible to distill such news into more general themes, timeless themes?

The comments are open for this one; your opinion is welcome.