The Horseman, the Tree’s Shade, and the World

The secret about traveling is that it’s not about where you’re going; it’s about what you leave behind. 

The traveler can never escape from himself; wherever you go, there you are. But getting away, that helps you integrate the notion of how things are impermanent.

Like the horseman who stops by a tree’s shade, enjoys it, and moves on; that is how we must face the world.

The things we have, let us understand that they are fleeting; let us enjoy them as the horseman enjoys the shade. Would it make sense to hoard the shade like a dragon hoards treasure? No – and everything in this life is as fleeting as the shade.

When you go to a place, when you savour a book, when you delight in a moment of passion with a special person: enjoy these things while they last.

And then, on with the journey.

Painting: “Landscape at Twilight” by Aert van der Neer