Quote II

What follows is a  quote that I underlined recently, and has been in my head – to ponder over the weekend.

”Trust in God – but tie your camel first.”

– Sayings of the Prophet, “Caravan of Dreams,” by Idries Shah

A life of fear and anxiety is not worth living. Most of the misfortunes that plague us – as Mark Twain once wrote – never happen. Facing life with a belief that everything will work out for the best may not always be the most realistic attitude, but the alternative is to suffer for things that have not yet happened.

And yet, it is true that luck is something that happens to those who put themselves in a position to receive it. No one ever won the lottery without playing. What appears to be an overnight success to people looking from outside has a life of failed attempts behind it. And those who sleep with unlocked doors will find their homes burgled much more easily than those who lock doors and windows…

We all serve at the mercy of the Lady Fortune. But we can always choose how we play the cards that we have been dealt.

Painting: “The Caravan” by Alexandre Gabriel Decamps