Always Ask Why You Didn’t Get The Job

Thank you for letting me know about your decision. I am sure that the chosen person will be a valuable asset to your team and company.

May I ask for more detailed feedback on why I was passed over for the position? I ask not so that I can dispute it, but because I would like to plan on how to improve in order to have a better chance for future opportunities.

Thank you,

From here, the following may happen:

80% of employers will ignore your question. Don’t take it personally. They are busy. They owe you nothing. Move on. There will be other opportunities.

Of the remaining 20%:

15% will give you an answer. Analyze it. If you don’t agree, it doesn’t matter; keep the promise you made. Look back at the feedback after a month. Consider that it may be true. If it’s not true, then wonder about what prompted your potential employers to come to this conclusion about you. There is always something to improve, and now, you know where to start.

4% will be impressed, and will remember you when the next opportunity comes around.

1% will look at your CV again, and reconsider.

1% is not much; but all you need do is copy and paste.

Painting: “Miracle of the Cross at the Bridge of San Lorenzo” by Gentile Bellini