The Price of Your Values

The material value of things does not depend on utility or emotion alone. Our intuition of right or wrong also carries a weight.

If someone robs us and demands a ransom for the stolen object, it’s likely we’ll refuse, preferring to give up on our prized possession.

But if someone brings us that same object, after we’ve lost it, most of us would have the intuition to offer a reward to the person who found it.

The object is the same; it has the same material and emotional value.

What dictated the difference was the price we place on the action of the human being we interacted with.

It is worth asking: are we paying the same attention to the transactions we make on a daily basis?

Are we striving to stay informed about the ethical positions of the companies to whom we buy things?

Painting: “Croesus Showing his Riches to Solon.” by Frans II Francken