Suggestion of the Week (III)

Because it was brought to my attention that this blog has been very serious of late, here it is something different:

I like to have music without vocals playing as I work, but sometimes I fall into the routine of always listening to the same albums over and over. When that starts to happen, it’s time to load the RPGamers Network’s Game Music Radio. It’s an online radio station that only plays old (or pretend-old) video game soundtracks.

Even for those who are not interested in video games – or maybe, especially for those who are not interested in video games – it’s worth a try. The selection and quality of the compositions are godly.

I turn it on and then move on to other browser tabs, or to other applications. You can work for hours on end with this background music.

Although I’m not looking at the radio, I choose the Chrono Trigger skin. The animation is beautiful.