E-Learning I

Yesterday, I was invited to enroll in a course developed by one of my favorite marketing gurus.

I was shocked by the offer page.

As far as marketing goes, the work was fantastic. It had everything you need: social proof, professional design, emotional appeal; it established the instructor’s credentials, and the FAQ was expertly tuned to eliminate any fears that potential buyers may have.

The only thing missing? The curriculum, the learning program, the table of contents.

Something is very wrong when promoting the person who teaches the course is more important than to know in detail what you are going to learn from it.

It pays to use your good name – especially when your fame was hard-earned – but use it as your sales pitch to the exclusion of almost everything else? 

That’s a breakdown of humility if I ever saw one.

Photo Credit: mikemacmarketing Flickr via Compfight cc