Be kind to others. One must have the sensitivity to understand that our inner worlds can be very different.

In a relationship, being faithful might be easy for one of the people involved; for them, it’s an effort of, let’s say, 20%.

But the other feels different impulses, has a different life story. This person is giving 100% to meet the expectations of their mate.

When the girls started crying after having a less-than-acceptable grade on a term paper, I didn’t understand. It was due not to a lack of compassion, but a lack of empathy. Studying came easy to me, and if I didn’t study and had a poor grade, it was equally easy to not care.

Not for them. It was effort, it was 100% of themselves that they had given to that trial; effort that had been reduced to an unsatisfactory number on a piece of paper.

What takes 20% of your physical, intellectual, emotional capacity, can take 100% of the capacity of the one who is by your side.

Don’t assume that because it is easy (or bearable) for you, it is also easy (or bearable) for another.

Painting: “Allegory of the Good Government” (detail), by Ambrogio Lorenzetti