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To Be a Finisher

Life is too short to do things you don’t enjoy. This is a fact, and it is motive enough to change your career, relationship, and any other ongoing commitments in our life.

But there is value in finishing that which has a visible end. A project, a book, a video game. Leaving things half-done is bad for the soul, it creates the vice of jumping from thing to thing, of experimenting and never mastering.

When we bring something to a close, even something that we are no longer doing with the initial enthusiasm – and perhaps in such a case, most of all  – we fortify an inner narrative about ourselves, a narrative that says “I am a person who takes things to the end. I am a finisher.“

Is it more helpful to be that person, or to be the person who jumps to the next thing at the least sign of resistance, of boredom?

Painting: “Sloth and Work” by Michele Cammarano