It is very difficult to persuade people to try video games because entry into the world requires a lot more effort and expense than other types of art / entertainment.

You can cultivate interest in movies by watching the classics on cable TV before making the decision to invest in a Blu-Ray player and home theatre system. It is possible to listen to the classics of any genre of music on the radio or Youtube, before investing in a hi-fi system or a vinyl player. And literature? Books are cheap and convenient.

In the case of games, it’s much more complicated. Popular games are always recent ones, requiring powerful computers or specific consoles that are almost always over €200 in cost. Older games, the equivalent to movie classics, are mostly inseparable from proprietary platforms that either are no longer made, or are as expensive as new ones, or work poorly with today’s televisions.

The best way for someone to get started in video games is through the platforms that are looked at with disdain by connoisseurs – the phone. There are some reasons for such disdain: most mobile phone games are terrible, absolutely lacking in quality. And even when a classic is available on the phone, it is presented in a way that takes away much of its quality.

(Imagine if the only introductory way to see The Godfather was through a cell phone camera video shot during a cinema screening of the film.)

I’m thinking of a way to introduce people to the medium of videogames. I would like to formulate a list of 10 high-quality games (representative of a variety of genres) that are available to play (legally) on medium-range mobile phones and/or low-performance laptops.

Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments.