The Most Important Gift You Can Give Today

Sometimes it pays to do the things we love.

When I found out that Felipe Pepe was recruiting volunteers to help him create a compendium of the history of computer RPGs (“Role-Playing Games,” for those less familiar with videogame acronyms) I immediately knew that I wanted in.

I never imagined that one day my work would be part of a printed book, much less a book from which 100% of the author’s profits would go toward charity – in this case, the Vocação institution, which grants education and finds employment for young people in the most disadvantaged areas of Brazil.

But it did. You can order it here, and do so knowing that once the first print is done, there will be no more. It is a single, limited edition.

I can only thank Felipe in triplicate:

Thank you for engendering such a passionate project.

Thank you for having endured my delays and edited my words for the better.

Thank you for finding and taking the opportunity to use this work to improve the world.

Video games are not always a waste of time.