The two most valuable things in modern marketing are permission and attention. 

If we manage to grab someone’s attention long enough, and make a case solid enough for them to give us their precious email address – to allow us into the near-sacred, private space of their inbox – then that’s a huge win. They have already signalled interest in what we’re selling, and even made the effort to connect. 

If we then fail to make the sale, that means that we are either making the wrong promise, or delivering underwhelming value. They are inviting us into their digital home, they have opened the door to us, and we show up and sit on the living room, and then either stay quiet or spout nonsense. 

This is disrespectful of the people who trusted us with their permission, and wasteful of our capabilities and opportunity.

The biggest obstacle to making the sale is inertia. It’s easy and natural to do nothing. To stand still. To take no action. 

That’s the state of the 1.000.000 visitors that come to your website every day. To get even 1% of them to act, to give you permission, that is good – improvable, but nonetheless, good. 

But if after that, you only manage to make the sale to 1% out of that 1% who acted?

 That’s a tragedy. We can do better.

Painting: “Mercury and Herse” by Jan van Boeckhorst