Two restaurants, today:


Took 10 minutes to come take my order. The employees seemed to avoid looking at the tables, but I finally managed to signal one. At one table farther inside the restaurant, there were five waiters (I assume they were waiters, as they where sporting the restaurant’s the uniform) engaging in relaxed banter.


When I told her that I had no reservation, the girl at the reception desk apologised and told me that if I gave her my name and number, she would call me, at the latest, one hour later, telling me if a table had been freed in the meantime.

I got the call 21 minutes later; seeing that a table of six had only three people, the girl had gone to ask the people who were there if they didn’t mind sharing with two.

The food was good at both places, but to one, I will only return if there is no alternative; to the other, I’ll probably become a regular.  

And I also stopped at the supermarket on my way back to #2 to buy a small box of chocolates for the girl at the reception, because just as no good deed should go unrewarded, so should excellent service never go unnoticed.