Revisiting journals from 10, 7 or even 5 years ago is fascinating.

It is motivating to see goals that have not only been fulfilled, but far surpassed. Today, there are things in my life that worked out much better than my biggest dreams of half a decade ago.

And it is also an injection of humility. Because, you see, the opposite is true, too. On some goals, there was no progress at all; today, I still write them in my journal, almost identically.

But from divergence, arise the questions! “What did I do differently that gave me so much success in some areas, and so little in others?”

There is always the basic answer: it was a matter of luck. The Lady Fortune forever holds sway over our destiny. But we can not lay the full responsibility for our victories and defeats at her feet, either. A balance must be found.

The journal is a way to talk with the person we were 10, 7, 5 years ago.

If you start one this year, you could be having an important conversation in five.

That time goes by in an instant.