Travel and Commitments

I’m going to spend the weekend away, in a way that necessarily pulls me away from the computer.

Of course, I intend to keep my commitment – to leave you a short note here every day. This blog is hosted on WordPress and I plan to use the iPhone application to publish the essays over the weekend.

It is not clear to me how the system that manages the English and Portuguese categories will work through the mobile platform, so I ask for your patience in the event of technical issues. It is possible that the posts published during the weekend will only be available in one of the languages. If so, I will correct the problem on Monday.

I considered, of course, to write three pieces at once and pre-schedule them for publication. But it felt like cheating. Part of the commitment is that these texts are a bit like entries in a diary, my developing of an idea or story that came to me over the course of the current day.

Let’s see how this goes!

Painting: “Paul Alexis Reading to Zola” by Paul Cèzanne