Passion is for Amateurs

If you want to cook, you have to clean up the kitchen. Your job isn’t just the fun part.

Before becoming a marketing director, I worked as a freelance writer. I wrote for many clients. And many jobs weren’t related to topics that I cared for. In fact, that was the case with the majority of my freelance work.

But I didn’t use that as a justification for rushing them, or for doing an half-assed job. If anything, I gave those jobs more attention, more of my time and effort, to make up for my lack of interest.

Someone who works for passion is an amateur. A professional comes in every day, and does his job. Like it or not. A professional doesn’t associate their personal fulfilment with the work itself, but rather with his capacity to execute.

Painting: “A Doctor Examining Urine”, by Bigot Trophîme