Without the Effort

Today, I logged into Evernote, something I do not do often. In fact, I only went there because I was drawing a blank on a topic to write about today, and I thought that seeing old notes would inspire me.

I didn’t have to go very far, because within seconds I was faced with their new slogan: “Feel organized, without the effort.”

I will ignore the fact that someone feeling organized does not give them the same benefits as actually being organized (it is a short-term vs. long-term gain).

“Without the effort.” It’s a poisonous promise.

Phantasy Star is an old adventure game. It is relatively unsophisticated – after all, it is almost as old as me. But playing it today, I feel more captivated by it than by many modern games.

Unlike most modern games, Phantasy Star does not keep a record of the map as the character progresses. I need to do it myself, with a pen and checkered paper. It’s on my to draw the map step-by-step, or risk getting lost.

Is it too much work? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose of relaxing by playing a video game? Perhaps. It depends on what you’re looking for. But it is undeniable that the experience here is enriched, transcends the electronic medium, and gives me more “ownership” of the adventure.

If the goal is satisfaction, then the effort is part of that.