You will never see the post that was meant to be here today.

It was written. And it was translated into another language. But it will never be published.

In a restaurant, you may think the chef is taking too long. But what you do not see is that he made the dish, and tasted it. And then, he dropped it in the trash and started again.

The chef will not present excuses. He knows you will be displeased with waiting for the meal, however good it may be. But he’d rather live with this than present a dish with which he did not feel satisfied.

There are things that you only realize won’t work after you’ve finished them. You realize they aren’t worthy of other people’s time and attention. To be clear, making them, the craft itself, that wasn’t a failure! This was a path that had to be traveled.

But after having the courage necessary to do the work, one must have the courage necessary to leave it unserved.

Painting: “Cook with Food”, by Frans Snyders