The Passage of Time

I read this year (in which book, I do not recall) that we should compare ourselves not with who others are today, but with whom we were yesterday.

That’s good advice. The message:  what’s important is not so much where we are, but that we are improving.

But even by this measure, two dates cause me pain every year: my birthday, and New Year’s Eve.

Maybe I lack humility. But I can not look at the person who I was last year, and be satisfied with who I am today. Even though I’m in a better place, even if there’s progress – it’s never the amount of progress that I want. I am constantly dissatisfied. I always feel I could have done better.

I have no great moral lesson to draw from this. I promised myself that I would write something today, and I am keeping that promise. If you, dear reader, suffer from the same malaise, then I am sorry, but I have no solution on offer.

If it helps you, know that you are not alone.