The term in vogue today is “lifestyle design”, especially in online media.

A few years ago, it was “personal development.” Even today, books are being released under this category. Books, after all, for better or for worse (but fundamentally for better) move more slowly than the internet.

Before that, it was “self-help.” But it ceased to be, because in this brave new world, only the weak need help.

Long, long ago – in the age when animals talked, as my grandmother used to say – the term was yet another:


The art that led man to know himself, to discover his values, which pointed him toward the path to orient himself in the world, according to said values.

The reputation of Philosophy was destroyed by school, but we could not do without her. She is too important, she is too essential, she is the only guide that we have on how to live.

That’s why we camouflage her. We dress her up in costume, we cover her face with religious, spiritual or even commercial masks (or any combination of the three) and give her other names.

And it works, it works, but something is lost in translation. Each mask comes with its baggage.

How many more sacred disciplines has school violated?