The Binding

Creating something of value requires sacrifice. Whenever a pursuit produces admirable results – directing a hit movie, writing a book that changes lives, exploring an uncharted forest, climbing the world’s highest mountain, raising a child to be a good person, with talent and values ​…

These results are paid in blood, sweat and tears. Behind each of these achievements is a story of sacrifice. Sacrifice of health, or fortune, or personal relationships, or career, or many other things, and probably a combination of several of them.

There are many people who are not willing to make the sacrifice. That’s why the world is full of mediocre art, amateur sportsmen, unfinished and unremarkable people.

But that’s alright. No one is forced to sacrifice that which they do not want to sacrifice. There is no expectation that each person should produce something of unique, significant value to the world.

But do know that this is a decision that you must make at some point in your life – and be aware that there is price to pay.