A Month of Blogging

A month and some change ago I took on the challenge of writing a blog post every day. Actually, blog posts are for losers. I write essays! So posh. Anyway!  Some takeaways:

  1. It’s hard to find something to write about every day. Maybe for some people, it’s easy. Not for me. My life is not that interesting.
  2. I have developed a genuine appreciation for websites that help you find beautiful images on a free Creative Commons license. and, thank you!
  3. The claim that a habit is formed in 21 days is a lie. Some days it’s a pleasure to write, but on others, it’s still a chore.
  4. It is incredibly gratifying to see that people are reading this every day. To all of you, THANK YOU!
  5. Doing this is neither more nor less enjoyable than writing for work ( and than writing my fantasy fiction novels. It’s a different type of writing. It is not a change of pace. But it’s training. After a month, I feel that I am slightly better at articulating what goes on inside my head.

That’s all, folks! (See you here tomorrow.)