Podcasts are a great way to learn something during your routine and be entertained at the same time. They are great companions for working out, long walks, doing the dishes… And much more.

A while ago, a friend asked for some recommendations. I figured, why not expand that list a bit, and publish it on the blog?

Big Questions with Cal Fussman – This is a very entertaining podcast. Cal is a great interviewer, and his questions consistently bring the best from out of his guests. He interviews some big celebrity names, but the interviews I like the most are the ones with people who I think will be dull or have stupid ideas. Cal proves me wrong every time, and what’s more, he almost always manages to extract actionable advice.

Waking Up with Sam Harris – Listening to this makes me feel smarter. Sam routinely finds smart, qualified guests to discuss real social, cultural, economic and political issues. This is probably one of the most qualitatively informative shows out there. The 2017 episodes are a bit too focused on North-American politics ( A.K.A. Post-Trump Traumatic Disorder), but there’s a lot of brain-food to be found everywhere else.

Quintus Curtius – This is a fun,  bite-sized show. The podcaster is a very smart man who translates ancient latin philosophical treatises as a hobby (!!!), and on each podcast, he shares a piece of practical philosophy to help ordinary folk function a bit better in the world, today. It’s a very accessible show; Quintus is never overbearing nor trying to prove how smart he is. Instead, he takes a friendly and conversational approach to the material. He’s a bit of a doofus at times, reading live tweets that he thinks are funny while laughing out loud at them. I can’t say I share his sense of humor – I don’t get the joke half the time – but I forgive him that because the rest of the content is so good. 

The Tim Ferriss Show – Probably the most heard podcast in the world, there’s a good reason for that. Tim is not as good an interviewer as Cal Fussman, but the sheer quality and breadth of the guests he musters more than makes up for it. Whatever you are interested in learning about – business, mindfulness, filming, sports, body hacking, crypto, Japanese blacksmithing – he’s had a world-class guest talking about it. It’s a treasure-trove of knowledge, and the only real issue is sifting through the two to three-hour conversations to find the nuggets of actionable advice. But it’s entertaining throughout. I advise you listen with a notepad nearby.

Photo Credit: slatka60 Flickr via Compfight cc