Virtual Reality

I don’t get teary-eyed easily. It’ll happen at the epilogue of a particularly rousing movie, or upon reading an especially touching bit of prose, but it’s rare. Virtual reality, though, has reliably produced the “feels” over the last couple of years.

I’m a terrible VR subject. Astigmatism in my right eye doesn’t play well with VR headsets, making about 60% of my right sight’s range blurry. It means that whenever I put a headset on, I have to play for a bit while feeling something’s wrong until my brain smooths the signal over by attributing dominance to my left eye. Essentially, I am a one-eyed man in a VR situation.

That’s not what makes me tear up, though. I have the good fortune of being neither fatigued nor made sick my VR (with the particular exception of driving cars, something that makes me sick in real life as well).

I get emotional at the sheer beauty of it. So far, I’ve failed to see others having a similar response, so I guess this is a “me” thing, but I am just awash in wonder at being able to put on a helm and be transported to a different place, looking all around and realizing that I am in a different room, with different rules. It’s like lucid dreaming, in a way.

It’s beautiful. It’s magical. Everyone should try it at least once.

Photo Credit: Philicious Photos Flickr via Compfight cc