For The Love of Cat

By catular demand, feline subscription technology is now powering this blog. 

Cats don’t like spam. So if you subscribe, you won’t get any. 

Cats do like words – or at least my cat does, judging from how much she enjoys napping on top of my books and papers, particularly while I’m trying to read them – and they also like boxes. So if you subscribe, you’ll be getting words in your email box.

The plan is that it will happen daily, and you will get the full text. So you won’t need to click anything, visit no blog. Unless you want to look at the pretty cat in the sidebar. 

That’s the plan, anyway. Who knows? The joy of cats is that they are mercurial creatures.

You can find the subscribe form on the left sidebar, or by scrolling to the cat picture at the bottom if you’re on mobile.

Photo Credit: Ωméga * Flickr via Compfight cc